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Water Supply Testing and Treatment

HighWater has proven expertise at delivering successful solutions for dealing with all of the following water quality issues: iron reduction, manganese reduction, pH correction, water softening, nitrate reduction, arsenic reduction, fluoride reduction, colour reduction, ammonium reduction, sodium and chloride reduction and bacterial disinfection (often referred to as sterilisation).

We are Scotland’s only authorised distributor for Shakesby and Son’s market-leading iron and manganese reduction systems (

Water Sample Collection and Analysis

HighWater can collect water samples from your property for submission to an independent UKAS accredited laboratory. Upon receipt of the laboratory report we will write to you with our interpretation of the results, and a recommended course of action if there are water quality issues.

Water samples are often required for the following purposes: in connection with the conveyancing of a house, design of a new private water supply for a new property, identifying water quality issues, such as elevated iron or manganese, bacterial contamination or low pH resulting in corrosion of copper pipework and blue-green staining of sanitary ware and ensuring ongoing effectiveness of installed water treatment equipment.

Private Client

"Just to take the opportunity to add that your company has been exemplary in swift response to a stressful situation last week and now in proposing ways to a solution - we are most grateful."