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We can offer a range of consultancy services in connection with the following requirements; 

  • Planning applications for new developments that require to use a private water supply
  • Due diligence assessment of a private water supply in connection with a house sale/purchase
  • Options analysis for assessing the most appropriate source and design of a private water supply
  • Solutions for multi-dwelling water supplies
  • A complete renewable energy solution can be provided tailored to your requirements

Home Report

From December 1, 2008, houses for sale have had to be marketed with a Home Report. If your property has a private water supply your Home Report will have to document the water supply arrangement as part of the property condition and valuation. A good quality water supply will increase the value of your property.

HighWater can offer a Private Water Supply survey to either sellers or buyers covering the following topics:

  • Site visit to assess nature, adequacy and condition of the supply and its infrastructure, including any existing water treatment.
  • Risk assessment of potential for contamination of the supply
  • Collection of water sample for analysis by accredited laboratory
  • Provision of survey results in written report, including commentary on sample analysis results

Our survey report will include an outline design and cost estimates for any improvement works that may be required in order to comply with the requirements of the Private Water Supply (Scotland) Regulations 2006. Where required we can undertake the required improvement works.