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Borehole Rig

Borehole Drilling

HighWater own and operate a Fraste Multi-drill XL and a Dando MTEC6 drilling rigs.  Both rigs are specifically designed for drilling boreholes for water wells and ground source heat pump applications.

Both drililng rigs are mounted on steel tracks and are highly manoeuvrable and versatile in difficult ground conditions.

We install steel casing through the unconsolidated sedimentary deposits that overlie bedrock to support the top of the borehole. Well screen is installed to the full depth of the borehole on completion of drilling to protect the submersible borehole pump in the event of subsidence of the borehole side walls.

HighWater have drilled and installed a number of boreholes which are used for both providing a domestic water supply and for providing a source of heat for operation of a Ground Source Heat Pump.